Bastogne guided tours 


The tours 


To give you a general overview of the Battle of Bastogne I recommend a half-day tour.

Full day tours are more detailed and require some knowledge of the Battle of the Bulge.


The very known Battle of the Bulge started on December 16, 1944 at 05:30 in the morning   .... Hitler's code name Wacht am Rhein (Watch on the Rhine)

The 80 Mile frontline was running from Echternach south to Monschau north. Germans threw 212 600 soldiers into the initial assault, 14 German Infantry Divisions guarded by five panzer divisions-against a mere +- 80,000 Americans.


3 German Armies involved in Hitler's last "gamble" :


North 6th SS Panzer Army Sepp Dietrich - NOT COVERED BY MY TOURS


Middle 5th Panzer Army Hasso Eccard von Manteuffel - COVERED BY MY TOURS

South 7th Army E. Brandenberger - Partly  COVERED by "tailored tours" - 26th Infantry Division, 80th Infantry Division, 90th Infantry Division, 6th Cavalry Group ...


For the history of Bastogne 2 units have played a very important role, namely the 28th Infantry Division and Combat Command R 9th Armored Division.


I start each tour by giving the information about the set up of the the defense of Bastogne which is very important to know and to follow easily the 30 days of fighting around the city of Bastogne, a very important traffic hub - 7 roads - 3 rail roads.

The first US units sent in the hurry to the town are CCB 10th Armored Division, 101st Airborne Division, 705th Tank Destroyer Battalion, 969th Field Artillery Battalion and .....


Places which are or can be visited : Mardasson Memorial, Patton & Mc Auliffe squares, 501st PIR area, Longvilly, Neffe, Bizory ...., 506th PIR area, Foy, Noville, Recogne ... - "Band of Brothers" (mini series) Easy Company areas  - 502nd PIR area, Hemroulle, Champs, Longchamps ..... 327th GIR area, Marvie, Remoifosse ... 326th AB Engineer Bn, Boggess bunker ....

Road blocks CCB 10th Armored Division - Team Desobry, Team O'Hara & Team Cherry

You will learn about the "Mercy flight", the history of the bed sheets, the NUTS history and ....

You will see damages on buildings, foxholes, Command Posts ....


IMPORTANT : If one of your family members or a friend or ... fought in the area so please let me know and i tailor your tour.


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