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101st Airborne Division

"Screaming Eagles" - "Eagle Division"
The division insignia is a white eagle's head with a gold beak on a black shield. The design is based on an American Civil War tradition. The black shield recalls the "Iron Brigade", one of the forerunners of the 101st Division. One Regiment of the brigade possessed the famous war eagle, "Old Abe", pictured on the shield, that went through 36 battles as a fierce, screaming mascot and was wounded twice. When the division was activated in 1942, the word "Airborne", in gold letters, was placed on a crescent shaped black background and added to the top of the insignia.


Commanding General

Maj. Gen. William C. Lee 15 September 1943
Brig. Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor 14 March 1944
Maj. Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor 31 May 1944
Brig. Gen. Anthony C. McAuliffe 05 December 1944 - 27 December 1944
Maj. Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor 27 December 1944


501st Parachute Infantry   ( PIR )  ♦
502nd Parachute Infantry  ♥
506th Parachute Infantry  ♠ 
327th Glider Infantry   ( GIR )  ♣
401st Glider Infantry  ONLY 1/401 at Bastogne


101st Parachute Maintenance Battalion
326th Airborne Engineer Battalion
326th Airborne Medical Company  (Captured by Enemy Recce forces on December 19, 1944 10:30 p.m.)
81st Airborne Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion

101st Airborne Division Artillery
321st Glider Field Artillery Battalion
377th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion
463d Parachute Field Artillery Battalion

907th Glider Field Artillery Battalion

Special Troops
801st Ordnance Company
426th Quartermaster Company
101st Signal Company
Military Police Platoon
Headquarters Company
Reconnaissance Platoon
Band [assigned in 1 Mar 45 reorganization]
Headquarters Special Troops activated 1 Mar 45. Units previously directly under division.


Casualties (Tentative)
Killed  2.043
Wounded  7.976
Missing  1.193
Captured  336



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